Belong Student Ministry exists for students to grow in their faith and discover true belonging by experiencing unmatched hospitality, engaging in honest story telling, and actively participating in God’s world.


The Goal: 

Authentic Journeying with our heads, hearts, and hands through discipleship

Belong Student Ministry Key Verbs:

- Discover

- Experience

- Engage

- Participate 

- Grow 


Wednesday nights kick off in the gym with free dinner at 5:15pm!

We gather in the Fellowship Hall from 6-7pm for a devotion and games!

THE EXCHANGE on Wednesday nights

Whether you're shopping, texting your best friend, swapping snacks at the lunch table, or returning a wave to a neighbor, most of the exchanges we make
aren't very memorable. But the exchanges that stick with us are the exchanges we have with people who impact our lives for the better. Maybe you've exchanged meaningful advice, wisdom, or encouragement with your friends, family members, heroes, coaches, pastors, or younger people you've
invested in. Those exchanges are what this series is all about. In this four-week series from 2 Timothy, we'll explore some advice the apostle Paul gave to Timothy, a guy he was mentoring, because we can learn from Paul's wisdom too. Through it, we'll see how we can all exchange wisdom with each other
(no matter our age) by helping each other discover our gifts, develop discernment, get equipped, and find strength.


Join us for contemporary worship in the Sanctuary at 9:15 then come hang out with your small group in the Student Lounge at 10:15!

REAL on Sunday mornings

It's easy to spot a fake friend (and even easier to be a fake friend at
times), but what's not-so-easy is figuring out how to make and keep friendships that are real. Maybe it's just easier to keep our friendships on the surface. Or maybe we've never seen real friendship in real life before. Or maybe we don't actually know anyone we trust enough to be real with. These days, when "friends are just a click or a follow away, it's more important than ever to figure out what true friendship really looks like. In this 4-week series, we'll explore the words and stories of Jesus, the disciples, Paul, Timothy, David, and Jeremiah to help us understand what authentic
friendship can look like. Together, we'll discover that real friends choose each other wisely, show each other grace, comfort each other, and help each other grow.