During this season of Covid our normal schedule has been changed up a bit so our online calendar is no longer correct. Changes are  made quickly at times to keep everyone safe.  For the most up to date information, please check out the Featured Events Page under News & Events and our weekly Stone River News email. If you would like to start receiving the weekly newsletter please email Jill.




February 21: First Sunday in Lent  Mark 1:12-15

February 28: Second Sunday in Lent  Mark 8:31-38

March 7: Third Sunday in Lent  John 2:13-22

March 14: Fourth Sunday in Lent  John 3:14-21

March 21: Fifth Sunday in Lent  John 12:20-33

March 28: Palm Sunday  Mark 11:1-11

April 4: Easter Sunday  John 20:1-18


Join us virtually each  Sunday at 6pm (NEW DATE) starting Feb 21


February 21        Ecclesiastes 1-2

February 28        Ecclesiastes 3-4

March 7                 Ecclesiastes 5-6

March 14              Ecclesiastes 7-8

March 21              Ecclesiastes 9-10

March 28              Ecclesiastes 11-12


Heads, Hearts, and Hands: Stone River Discipleship

Starting Wednesday, February 24 from 6-7pm we will have in-person Wednesday Night ministries again! 

The hour will begin with Adults, Students, and Kids gathering together in the Sanctuary at 6pm for a beautiful time of worship. Then the kids will go to the gym with Mrs. Katie, students will go to the fellowship hall with Pastor Philip and the adults will stay in the sanctuary with Pastor Megan for The Port.


The Port is going to be the first step in our new Discipleship Path. During Lent, Pastor Megan will be taking us on a journey that will deepen our faith and help us spring board into the second piece of our discipleship path after Easter. The Port with Pastor Megan will also be live-streamed here. We hope you make plans to join us!


Everyone is invited to the Leadership Summit! If you'd like to be more engaged and pursue a leadership role at Stone River, please let Ted Amey or Lauren Ferguson know! We'd love to get you plugged in! Here are the dates for the 2021 Leadership Summits which are held in person in the Sanctuary and streamed here. Unlike our Bible Studies and Worship Services, these meetings are not left on YouTube past the day of, so make plans to join in!

January 17 at 2:30

March 21 at 2:30

May 23 at 2:30

July 25 at 2:30

September 19 at 2:30

December 5 at 2:30