Children are so important to us here at Stone River. We believe in nurturing them in a life of faith complete with a balance of play, worship, and bible study.

Our staff and volunteers undergo a training in our Safe Sanctuary Policy including an extensive national and state background check. We also utilize KidCheck to provide important medical and allergy info, pick up/drop off info, and name tags. It is also how we contact parents/guardians should a need arise.  



9:15am small group for K-2nd grade led by Bruce & Marianne McClellan

9:15am small group for 3rd-5th grade led by Anita McKinney

10:15am small group for K-5th grade led by Keilee Terry and Katie Black

How many ways can you send a message? There are so many unique ways! Special deliveries are the best but even better are the messages found in each package. This month, we are going to look at the most important message that was ever sent out and how we are meant to be the ones delivering it. Kids are God’s messengers that can share the stories of God’s miracles and help. Get kids involved in helping God’s message go everywhere because God delivers to everyone!

Kidcheck is back and better than ever!
With the new mobile app offered by Kidcheck, checking in your child for nursery or kid's ministry  will be easier than ever.  Just download the free app.  If you already have an account, simply sign in.  If you don't have an account, you can create one. Then, as you are getting ready on a Sunday morning, or making your way to church, open the app, choose "use express check in" then click "start a new check-in" then choose "church at stone river," and your child's name.
Then, when you arrive at church and approach the check-in station in the reception area, click submit and voila, your label will print! 
Please know that the laptop computer is also set up for on-site check in.  So, if you don't have the app, no worries.  We will be there to help you.  Thank you for your patience as we strive to create a safe system to help us care for your children.

The children’s ministry at The Church at Stone River strives to partner with families, church members and the community for the purpose of bringing children to know the immense love of Christ. By creating a safe learning environment, students from diverse backgrounds will be able to interact with God’s word and each other by making meaningful connections. The Church at Stone River values all students in their relationship with Christ— nurturing them in their love for God and service towards others


During the 8:15am worship service there are magnadoodles in the back of the sanctuary for kids to enjoy.  At both the 9:15am and the 10:15am services, kids begin in the worship service sitting in the front few rows together with their leaders. This provides the space for them to get a taste of different worship styles, liturgy components, and important aspects of our faith expressions. During the 9:15am service they head to small groups divided by age and when they leave the 10:15am service they head into a large group experience. We offer K-5th grade care and play time during the 11:15 service.


Wednesday Nights for Kids at Stone River kick off in the gym with family dinner at 5:15pm.  A menu is listed in the weekly newsletter! 

Then we gather in the kids room off of the gym before we divide up in age groups to learn 6-7pm. It's a fast energetic time full of fun, laughing, and learning!