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The Stone River Community is a place where we share our faith, our joys, our struggles, our pain. Together we bear one another’s burdens and celebrate God’s goodness. Community is vital. We strive for everyone who arrives on our campus to feel welcome and know the love of Jesus. Come find your place to grow and serve!


Prayer & Care:

Celebration of Life Meals

- provide a meal for the family prior to or following the Celebration of Life service at the church or at the family home

(Ella Ferguson)

Celebration of Life Team

- coordinate team to serve at Celebration of Life services

- coordinate set-up of facility

- institute family’s wishes communicated through our Pastors

(Charlotte & Jim Martin)

Nurturing Meals

- provide a meal for an individual or family who experiences illness, hospitalization, or other life-changing event

(Becky Harkins/Linda McCreary)

Prayer Shawl Ministry

- for knitters and/or crocheters on Mondays at 10am

- shawls are blessed and given out to those experiencing loss, joy, pain, sickness, and celebration

Nurturing Notes

- sending cards and notes to those needing encouragement

(Barbara Estes) 

Homebound Visitation

- visit homebound members on a regular schedule

- visit during times of special need

- take gifts at Christmas and serve Communion

(Suzanne Pruitt/Lucia Johnson/Wanda Conway)

Wedding Liaison

- be facility support: turn on lights and unlock doors for rehearsal and wedding and be there to answer any facility questions

- be a connection between engaged couple and church

- help with room reservations, facility expectations, and rules


Celebration of Birth

- celebrate the joy of a new baby in our church family by providing a gift and a visit

- monitor any needs that may be present

- contact the family to arrange a nurturing meal

 (Melanie Bryant) 

Outreach & Communication:

Stuff Inserts in Bulletins

- to occasionally stuff inserts when needed either on a Thursday or Friday at your convenience

Prepare Visitor Materials

- to quarterly gather materials to put in visitor bags to leave at welcome center and to place an order for new materials as needed

Advertising Seasonal Events

- to lead and organize groups to walk the surrounding neighborhoods to spread info about large seasonal events

- to make connections at local schools to spread info about large seasonal events that could benefit their students

Run Slides

- to sit in the sound booth during either 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, or 11:15 worship service to click through graphics during announcements, sermon point slides during sermon, and lyric slides during worship songs

- requires attention and observational cues plus a weekly run through during practice either on Wednesday at 7pm (for 11:15 traditional) or Thursday at 6pm (for 9:15 or 10:15 contemporary)

- initial training is available if needed

Springapalooza on day before Easter

- team members plan, organize, and advertise seasonal community event on the day before Easter (Jill Amey)

Trunk or Treat on Halloween

- team members plan, organize, and advertise seasonal community event on Halloween evening (Jill Amey)


Welcome Center Greeter 

- welcome and provide guests with church information, direct them, answer questions, give welcome bags to first-time guests 

(Judith Hines/Barbara Rawls)


- assist guests to seats

- pass offering plate

- guide congregation during Communion

- serve at special events, including Celebration of Life services

- call 911 in case of emergencies and assist in caring for persons involved while clearing area for emergency personnel

(Leon Smith/Coleman Thompson)

Door Greeter

- greet all who enter building

- direct first time guests to Welcome Center

- escort guests to: nursery, coffee, restroom, small groups

(Janet Johnson/Sheila Brazelton/Coleman Thompson)

Kitchen Greeter

- assist guests and others with coffee/snack bar

- direct guests to next destination

(John & Wanda Duncan/Phillip & Becky Gillespie)

Sunday Breakfast

- coordinates breakfast offered on Sunday mornings 

(Karen Aldridge/Cindy Reist)

Wednesday Dinner

- plans and prepares Wednesday evening meal for students and kids 

(Cassandra Hammonds)

Parking Greeter

- direct vehicles to parking

- greet guests in parking lot

- escort or direct guests to indoor hospitality team

- assist elderly and handicapped in/out

- provide wheelchairs and/or umbrellas if needed

- assist during worship times and at special events including Celebration of Life services

(Larry McAbee/Tom Hunter)

Kitchen Coodinator

- coordinates kitchen operation and monitors supplies