Life is messy and often painful. None of us can avoid times when we are faced with life’s challenges; whether it is loss, pain, or changes. What we do to help each other get through difficult times can be complex, yet it can be so simple. The way we respond will have an impact on our future. As people of faith committed to healing and wholeness, we believe in the power of prayer to change lives, offer hope, bring peace, and draw us closer to God.  

As we are navigating this new season of ministry together, we are going to implement a new way to stay connected in prayer with our church family.  A page on the Echo prayer app has been created to easily share concerns and pray for our church!  If you download the app, you will be able to follow The Church at Stone River Feed and see all of the concerns of our church members that we would like to lift up in prayer.  Click here for the free app

You can interact with the prayers listed on the Feed or you can submit your own prayer requests by emailing 

As you share your prayer concerns, please…

- Have the direct party’s permission to share the situation with the church

- Specify if you would like the request to be shared with just the pastoral staff or the whole church

- Only share information you feel comfortable spreading to others

We pray that by launching our Echo Prayer Ministry we may fulfill this image of our prayers being spread and echoed by our church family around us.