During this season of Covid our normal schedule has been changed up a bit so our online calendar is no longer correct. Changes are  made quickly at times to keep everyone safe.  For the most up to date information, please check out the Featured Events Page under News & Events and our weekly Stone River News email. If you would like to start receiving the weekly newsletter please email Jill.



Three unique services - One vision.

8:30, 9:45, 11:00

Come worship with us just as you are. Find your place to help serve.


Small groups are provided to build life-giving relationships and dive deeper into topics of faith, the Bible, and to pray together. Large group studies are available to weekly and throughout the year for instruction and learning about the Bible, faith, and life. 


Help us contiue to build this amazing community by serving in the prayer & care ministry, the hospitality ministry, or by helping with communications or pathways. 


We want to help you discover the issues in our world that God has put closest to your heart and give you opprotunities to act on those. We want to stand beside you and work with you.


This ministry serves to care for the legistics at Stone River. Come serve next to some inspiring  people.


None of us can avoid times when we are faced with life’s challenges; whether it is loss, pain, or changes. As people of faith committed to healing and wholeness, we believe in the power of prayer to change lives, offer hope, bring peace, and draw us closer to God.