Hello Stone River family!

Christ is Risen!
What an incredible Holy Week it has been! 
We’ve had ten amazing services so far this week and such a fun Springapalooza festival today. 
What a phenomenal team that has served so well: 
designing and planning out these daily worship moments, 
creating and constructing our new altar, 
dreaming up and working tirelessly today for families in this community 
greeting every person as honored guest 
THANK YOU SO MUCH for demonstrating the love of Jesus so beautifully!

We have had such a powerful season throughout these forty days of Lent! 
The last three weeks we have almost had over 400 people per week worshipping Jesus on our campus (386 last week)! 
We averaged 72 people this week that journeyed with us in our Monday - Friday Holy Week services.
During this time we have welcomed new members into our church family: Brenda Essig; Kyle, Courtney, Vera, & Audra Blanchette; and Taylor & Gabi Davis.

I am SO excited to worship with you tomorrow at 8:30am, 9:30am, and 10:45am on Easter Sunday!
Thank you fo being a part of this loving family!

New Picture Directory 
THIS Sunday, April 21 & Sunday, April 28 after the 9:30am & 10:45am services in the fellowship hall
Jill is designing our new website and one of the major components of this will be our online directory. 
If you would like to use your same picture from our directory, you don’t have to do a thing! If you would like a new picture, or you have joined since our first directory, or your household has changed (this includes growing/changing children!) please come have your picture taken! Thank you!

United Methodist Women
THIS Monday, April 22 at 5:30pm
All Women are invited  to attend  our quarterly United Methodist Women’s meeting on Monday evening, April 22nd at 5:30 pm to welcome Judy Poole, a United Methodist Women Deaconess and Executive Director of the McCoy Adult Day Care Center in Birmingham, Al.
Judy has served as a UMW deaconess for more than thirty years and continues to answer God’s call to ministries with older adults.  She has a passion for working with the elderly and has a wealth of experience working with those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
5:30pm Snacks and fellowship
5:45pm Speaker: Judy Poole
Plan to join us and learn about one of UMW’s many Mission Projects

Guy’s Nights
THIS Tuesday, April 23 from 6-7:30pm
Is THIS Tuesday (instead of on the usual third Tuesday - because of Holy Week).
We will have a great meal and encouraging night! 
Childcare is provided. Look forward to seeing you here!

Guy’s Retreat
May 17-19 at Joe Wheeler Lodge
Sign up forms will be at Guy’s Night and the Welcome Center
5:30pm for dinner, devotion, and games
7am breakfast and devotion
Activities: golfing, fishing, cards, games, tennis, and relaxing
5:30pm fish fry, devotion, and games

Leadership Opportunities 
:: Wednesday Night Transportation Ministry
Wednesday nights are growing! We now now average over 60 kids and students every week. This is an incredible ministry and we need your help. Please pray about being a van driver! pholtz@hiwaay.net

:: Easter Sunday Nursery Volunteers
As we plan for a phenomenal Easter Sunday, we expect many visitors including babies and toddlers.  Please offer your love and service to this ministry by caring for these little ones during one service.

Grow Confirmation Update
We are so excited to officially have 11 students ready to begin a pivotal part of their faith journey in just 2 short weeks. This is a HUGE moment for our community, and we want you to share in as many moments of it as possible. 
So, here are some ways you can get involved: 
1. Pray for each of our students and their families.

2. Mark your calendars for THIS FRIDAY, April 26 @ 5-5:30pm!
At 5pm we will have a potluck dinner to send off our students, adults, and leaders. 
At 5:30 we will gather to pray for all those heading out on the retreat as we send them off. 
This will be the official start of Grow! We are on a schedule, so don’t be late! Help us show these students just how much this community is there for them throughout this journey and their lives. 
Bring a dish to share (bring extra as all those leaving on the retreat will not bring dishes). 

3. Bibles 
Every student participating will receive a Bible at the start of the retreat. If you would like to sponsor a Bible (or two), please make a check out to Stone River and in the memo line simply put Confirmation. 
Each Bible is approximately $22. As there will be additional expenses along the way, any surplus collected be put aside to be used for things like their stoles for our celebration service in June. 
Thank you again for your support and investment in the lives of all of our kids and students.  

Life at Stone River
8:30am Unplugged Worship
9:30am Contemporary Worship
9:30am Small Groups
Room 1 Led by: Bobby Johnson and Leon Smith
Room 3 Led by: Kevin and Angela Patterson
Room 4 Led by: Jim Fanning and Randy VanLandingham Jr. 
10:45am Traditional Worship
10:45am Small Groups
Room 1: Young Professionals led by Alain Alonzo
Room 3: Young Families by Lauren Ferguson
Room 4: Adults led by Mike Hjelm
Student Lounge: Students led by Josh Howard
2:30pm Leadership Summit (3rd Sundays)
4:30pm Wesley Acres (1st Sundays)
5pm Home Group at Tom and Joy Hill’s Home 
5:30pm Skate Castle (2nd and 4th Sundays)

10-12pm Hugs and Prayers
2-4pm Chair Yoga
6pm Dining for Women (1st Mondays)
6pm Women’s Small Group in the Conference Room (4th Mondays)
Led by: Joy Hill

11am Women’s Small Group at Barbara Estes’ Home (2nd Tuesdays)
Led by: Barbara Estes
4pm Women’s Small Group in the Conference Room (1st & 3rd Tuesdays)
Led by: Kristy Wharton
5:30-7pm Yoga
6-7:30pm Guys Night (3rd Tuesdays)

10am Backpack Ministry
10am Women’s Small Group in the Conference Room (2nd Wednesdays)
Led by: Harriet Holland
1pm Women’s Small Group in the Conference Room (3rd Wednesdays)
Led by: Barbara Rawls
5:30pm Kids & Students Meal
6pm Kids Incredible Faith
Kids “Incredible Faith”: From beginning to end the Bible is filled with incredible stories of heroes whose faith in God allowed them to be used by God to save the day.  This series will focus on 12 people in the Bible who showed INCREDIBLE faith.  Kids will learn that they can put their faith in God, because he is worthy of our trust. K-5th grade.
6pm Students 
1st Wednesday Each Month: On Campus Mission Project
2nd Wednesday Each Month: Off Campus Mission Project at Wesley Acres
3rd Wednesday Each Month: Off Campus Mission Project at NCC
4th Wednesday Each Month: Game Night on Campus Game Night
6pm Hand Bell Rehearsal
6pm Bible Study led by Pastor Ted in the Sanctuary
April 24 Ephesians 6
7pm Choir Rehearsal

10-12pm Chair Yoga
6:30pm Contemporary Team Rehearsal
6:30pm Emmaus Gatherings (3rd Thursdays)

10-12pm Yoga

Community Events
:: Jamie Phillips mission trip to Peru
Jamie Phillips, Kim Phillips’s daughter, is going on a mission trip this summer to the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru with Kings and Queens International. She will be discipling the young men who live in a home for abandoned boys. She will also be serving kids who live in extreme poverty by leading Vacation Bible School for them. If you feel led to donate to her mission trip, you may do so by going online to this link. She is so grateful for your support. Please keep her mission team in your prayers! 

Thank you
Our hearts are full from all the love and support shown by our church family this past week during the death of my Dad.  The celebration of life service was exactly what we needed.  From the greeters, ushers, parking lot attendants, smiles, hugs, texts, personal visits, help with photos and big band music, witness about my dad, prayers, beautiful songs by Viljar, Senta and Rachel,  the military salute and flag presentation, nursery care from Charlotte, and delicious lunch and table settings from Ella and her team....it was a perfect celebration of life. My Dad is at peace and God certainly takes care of his sheep.  We are truly grateful and blessed to be a part of Stone River.   
The Lamb and Shields family

Thank you, dear Church family, for the delicious food you provided, the cards, flowers, calls and visits.  Your love and prayers mean so much to me during this time in our lives!
Your Sister in Christ, 
Angela Whitehead

Prayer and Visitations
We would love to visit with you! 
If you would like a home visit or to schedule a time to meet at the church for coffee, please never hesitate to contact us: ted.amey@churchatstoneriver.com or (256) 684-4942 - Ted

Angela Whitehead: Stage 4 brain cancer
Ken Barnes
Mike Sharp
Carolyn Marusak
Peggy Riggs
Gail Sharp
John Hubbard
Baby Beau Clark
Bob Cooper
Renea Hadavi

Lindsey Pruitt Walden: Suzanne Pruitt’s daughter
Connie Hartleroad: Toby’s mother
Jane Haynes: Xan Hartleroad and Kim Phillips’ mother
Bill and Billie McLeod: Caki Thibodeaux’s parents
Ora Lee Wade: Cindy deGraffenreid’s mother
Chuck Morefield: Roger & Norma Voss’s daughter-in-law’s brother
Tyler: Taylor and Gabi Davis’ nephew
Jacksyn Clanton: Corkey Vann’s granddaughter
Melinda Muston: Miranda Wallace’s mom
Johnny Stewart: Rose Hammond’s brother-in-law
Jim Williams: Lynn Williams’ father
Judy Williams: Lynn Williams’ step mom
Daphine Wallace: Melissa Williams’ aunt
Murray Woodard: Jimmy Brazelton’s brother in law 
Jordan Vassar Stone: Barbara Marks’ grandson
Briana Yelverton: Barbara Marks’ daughter
Ariana Hadavi: Renea Hadavi daughter
Dominic: Carolyn Marusak’s grandson
Ken Hendrix: Charlotte Martin’s brother
Dennis Kaspereit: Rebecca Stadnek’s brother-in-law
Joe Hovater: relative of Ken and Patsy Runager
Sandra Osterman: Lana Avera’s sister-in-law
Thomas: Judith Hines’ friend
Kathy Bryant: Scott’s mom

Frank & Eva Robison, Norman Topper, Sharron Cook, Sunny Morgan, Anthony Peebles, Mona Raley, Cliff Dykes, Carol SoloRio, Frances Owens, Larry & Betty Nichols, Benny Haynes, Phil Haynes, Laurel Hudson, Jameson Camp, David & Donna Fleming, Charles Lane

David and Karen Amey: Ted’s parents
Shirley Barnett
Linda Davis
Dean Glass: Gary’s mother
Mary Hardy
Brenda Halbrooks
Eddie Hartselle: Ken Busbey’s mother-in-law
Jerald Holmes: Karen Aldridge’s mother
Ed and Gloria Ingram
Anne Jennings: Debbie, Bebe, Helen’s mother
Peggy Johns: Vicki Fontes’ mother
June Jones
Julia McKinney: Bruce’s mother
Wanda Rhoades
Myra Sims
Kendall and Martha Sivley: Donna Underwood’s parents
Mary Ann Smith: Janet Johnson’s mother
Betty Stewart

And all those battling sickness and health frustrations.

Communications at Stone River
Need to communicate your ministry to the whole church?
Please contact: jill.amey@churchatstoneriver.com 
All communication requests will go through Jill to ensure we offer cohesive information to the entire church. 
If you need any bulletin announcements, graphics, brochures, or website information your ministry needs - please let her know.
For any Sunday announcements, please get information in by the Monday before.

Weekly Stone River News
If you would prefer NOT to receive future weekly emails please email: charlotte.dozier@churchatstoneriver.com. We will also send out Celebration of Life Announcements in addition to the weekly email newsletter.