March - June

1. Watch online: Join us on Sundays at 10am online for worship and communion


2. Stone River Sidekicks: Being connected allows us to feel a sense of belonging.  “Sidekicks” will pair adults with kids/students to connect in meaningful ways during this time!  Follow this link to sign up and the church staff will pair you with an adult or student to get to know over the coming weeks.  When this is all over, we will have a “sidekick celebration”! Email Katie with any questions

3. Zoom: Join us via zoom!

Sundays at 6-7:30pm Women Small Group: Rhythms of Renewal

Wednesdays at 5pm for kids

Wednesdays at 6pm for students

Wednesdays at 7pm for adults

4. Slack Conversations 

Join us here!

Email Amy with any questions

5. Join our prayer team

Contact Ted if you would like to call others asking the five word challenge:

"How May I Pray With You?"

6. Continue your tithes, offerings, and gifts

- Give online: churchatstoneriver.com/giving

- Mail in your tithe: 3014 Danville Road SW, Decatur, AL 35603

7. If you need ANY assistance, groceries, prayer, or conversations

please call Ted (256) 684-4942 or email Ted

If you would like to help us meet the holistic needs of our community with missional, emotional, relational, and spiritual care please let Ted know.

We’re praying for you all during this time! Remember to rest in God’s unconditional mercy and love. Practice gratefulness everyday. 


March - June

As many churches across the United States have moved worship services online to help to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, The Church at Stone River recognizes the need for the continuation of children's ministry by creating a site just for families.  Here you will find devotionals, scripture, videos, inspiration and more!  Please check in often, as it will be updated daily.  Please email Katie at katie.black@churchatstoneriver.com if she can assist your family.  

Stepping Stones Children's Ministry 


Sundays at 10am HERE



April 19    1 Peter 1:3-9

April 26   1 Peter 1:17-23

May 3     1 Peter 2:19-25

May 10    1 Peter 2:2-10

May 17    John 14:15-21

May 24   1 Peter 5:16



Continue your tithes, offerings, and gifts

- Give online: https://www.churchatstoneriver.com/giving

- Mail in your tithe: 3014 Danville Road SW, Decatur, AL 35603



Choose to REMEMBER, LOVE, and DEMONSTRATE the love of Jesus

Virtues are also contagious!

During these days choose what will be contagious in your homes and your lives!

Monday focus on Gratitude

:: Reframe your challenges by acknowledging your blessings

Tuesday focus on Compassion

:: Allow what breaks God heart, to break yours - share the love of Jesus

Wednesday focus on Acceptance

:: Engaging in the hope of Jesus in the ‘what is’ of ourselves and others 

Thursday focus on Meaning

:: Offering the love of Jesus to others, makes my life meaningful 

Friday focus on Forgiveness

:: Jesus’ gift to you is to daily choose to give up anger and resentment

Saturday focus on Celebration 

:: Rejoice in becoming an agent of goodness, service, and love

Sunday focus on Prayer

:: Our friendship with Jesus is our greatest strength and highest privilege



March - June

Be a part of our online community “creativity abounds”
This will be a space where we can share the ways the Spirit is bubbling up ideas within our souls and minds to reach out and be the church. There are so many ways we can do this from inside our homes and safely outside of them as well. Perhaps we could inspire one another. Who knows what ideas will emerge when we all brainstorm together! Here’s a new link to get you on and connected! Please feel free to email amy.howard@churchatstoneriver.com if you need any help at all. 



March - June

One of the things we are hearing as a common thread is the growing feeling of isolation during this time of social distancing. The online chat is going well, however there is also a need for us to be able to “see” each other and connect in that way. Zoom is a trusted platform for this used heavily in our conference for meetings. We have set up a zoom account for the church so we can meet up together from our own homes. Don’t let this season of social distancing become a season of isolation and depression. Together we are a community ready to love one another fully and creatively especially now! 



6-7:30pm Women Small Group: Rhythms of Renewal

8-8:30pm Outpost Student Ministry



5:00-5:30pm  Stepping Stone Kid’s Ministry

6:00-6:30pm  Outpost Student Ministry

7:00-7:30pm  Adults


The CODE is the same to access each to make it simpler.   

You may want to start accessing a little bit early for the first time to get it all set up. Here are the steps (it seems like a lot, but trust me, it isn’t really): 

1. Click on the link.

2. If you do not have a zoom app and you are on your phone, you will need to follow the link to download the app. From a computer there is no app needed.

3. It will prompt you to create an account by entering in your email address.

4. An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Click on that, it will reroute you to the website to set up a password.

5. Skip adding friends. 

6. Once you skip to where you cannot skip any further, get out of the browser or app, and click on the above link again (https://zoom.us/j/3979283437) and you will be linked in and ready to go! 


You CAN do steps 2-5 NOW. And then on Sunday or Wednesday all you will need to do is follow the LINK and join the meeting. 



APRIL 26 - MAY 24 at 6-7:30pm

Rhythms of Renewal: Women’s Small Group Via Zoom

No homework/reading/etc. unless you just really want more of what Rebekah is saying and choose to get the book and read it. We will watch the video together through zoom and then talk about it each week. 

Here's a bit about the study:
"Find freedom from stress and anxiety. Daily struggles with anxiety and stress make it difficult to receive God’s peace. In Rhythms of Renewal, beloved author Rebekah Lyons draws from her own battle with depression and anxiety and shares a pathway to establish four life-giving rhythms modeled by Jesus that quiet inner chaos and make room for a flourishing life. With heartening stories, research, and practical steps to take action, Rebekah charts a path through four profound rhythms to cultivate the vibrant life you were meant to live. By taking time to rest, restore, connect, and create, you will discover how to: Take charge of your emotional health and inspire your loved ones to do the same Overcome anxiety by establishing daily habits that keep you mentally and physically strong Find joy through restored relationships in your family and community Walk in confidence with the unique gifts you have to offer the world.”


Same log in and password as all other zoom meetings for Stone River.