During this season of Covid our normal schedule has been changed up a bit so our online calendar is no longer correct. Changes are  made quickly at times to keep everyone safe.  For the most up to date information, please check out the Featured Events Page under News & Events and our weekly Stone River News email. If you would like to start receiving the weekly newsletter please email Jill.



CONTACT Philip Galyon

We believe in the importance of a continually growing and wholistic faith from our first breath all the way through our very last as we continue to discover anew God’s love for us. Small groups are provided as opportunities to build life-giving relationships with others and dive deeper into topics of life and faith, the Bible, to pray together, or in general to simply support one another. Large group studies are available to weekly and throughout the year for instruction and learning about the Bible, faith, and life. 




SMALL GROUPS on Sunday mornings meet in rooms off of the gym:


:: Adult class led by Bobby Johnson in Room 1 or online

ZOOM LINK                                      

Meeting ID: 762 242 4496
Password: 7XQAqg        

:: Kids Ministry led by Katie Black in the Kids Room
:: Adult class led by Tim Salter in Room 2 
:: Young Professionals led by Keri & Pat Sebesta in Room 1 
:: Adult class led by Kevin Patterson (Online only)  

ZOOM LINK                                   

Meeting ID: 754 7592 3009
Password: 2XPWQp

:: Kids Ministry Group led by Katie Black in the Kids Room 
:: Student Ministry Group led by Pastor Philip in the Sr High Room 
:: Round Table led by Pastor Megan for all in Room 2



A chapter by chapter Bible Study led by Ted Amey on Sundays  online


Sunday Night Bible Study online: 

6pm online Bible Study with Ted Amey

New chapters will be taught per week


Tuesday Night Book Discussion on Zoom: 

6pm facilitated by Ted Amey

"Be The Bridge - Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation" by Latasha Morrison




YOGA Regular yoga classes and chair yoga classes

A chance to catch our breath and share in yoga (either chair or regular) with prayer, scripture, and sharing together


January 1 - March 19

Led by Lana Avera in Room 7

Chair Yoga: Tuesdays & Fridays 2-3:30

Regular Yoga: Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-7:00


APRIL 12 - JUNE 18





Mondays 10am

Our goal is to use our God-given talents to make prayer shawls offering comfort and encouragement to anyone who needs to feel the love that has gone into making each one and the blessing that our pastor has added.  We also make shawls to celebrate weddings, baptisms, and births.  We welcome everyone who wants to join in a very rewarding ministry. 


Pastor Megan and Pastor Philip have created this podcast so we can grow deeper in our faith by diving into the sermon series and the seasons of the Christian Calendar. 

Listen to the podcast : https://anchor.fm/stoneriver/episodes/Lent-eq9eul

Heads, Hearts, and Hands: Stone River Discipleship

Starting Wednesday, February 24 from 6-7pm we will have in-person Wednesday Night ministries again! 

The hour will begin with Adults, Students, and Kids gathering together in the Sanctuary at 6pm for a beautiful time of worship. Then the kids will go to the gym with Mrs. Katie, students will go to the fellowship hall with Pastor Philip and the adults will stay in the sanctuary with Pastor Megan for The Port.

The Port is going to be the first step in our new Discipleship Path. During Lent, Pastor Megan will be taking us on a journey that will deepen our faith and help us spring board into the second piece of our discipleship path after Easter. The Port with Pastor Megan will also be live-streamed here. We hope you make plans to join us!


KIDS (K-5th grade) on Wednesdays 6-7pm


STUDENTS (6th-12th grade)  Wednesdays 6-7pm


ADULTS Discipleship in the Sanctuary Wednesdays 6-7pm



OPPORTUNITIES (currently on hold)

Sundays 5-6pm 

Hill home in SE Decatur, AL

Led by Tom and Joy Hill (256) 355-5535

A large dinner group made up primarily of adults around retirement age that uses the Upper Room’s “Disciplines” to guide prayer, Scripture reading, and discussion. 


Sundays 6-7pm

Thompson home in Trinity, AL

Led by Coleman Thompson (931) 321-8534

A group geared toward young adult men looking for a place to get to know others, discuss Scripture, and pray together weekly.


Sundays 6-7pm 

The Columns in SE Decatur, AL

Led by Viljar Weimann (256) 303-2116

A discussion group applying theological concepts to life.


Mondays 10am-12pm

Fellowship Hall

Led by Lana Avera (256) 476-4291

A chance to gather around a table with the common focus of creating prayer shawls to share with those in our community who are struggling or celebrating.


1st Mondays 6:00-7:30pm

Fellowship Hall (256) 571-5382

Led by Judith Hines, Kathy Wright, and Sylvia Betts 

A group working towards changing the lives of women and children in developing countries through a shared dinner and program increasing awareness and support through voluntary donations.


4th Mondays 6-7pm

Conference Room 

Led by Joy Hill (256) 355-5535

A group for women focusing on prayer and meditation in support of our church, the missions we take on, our leaders, our members, and each other. 


2nd and 4th Tuesdays 4-5pm

Conference Room 

Led by Kristy Wharton (256) 919-1194

A group for women focusing on education for change and spiritual growth. They select and read a book together and discuss the ways they are challenged and shaped through the material. 


Wednesdays 10-11am

Room 1

Led by Barbara Rawls (256) 603-3472

A group focusing on packing bags of food for students to take home on the weekends in cooperation with Chestnut Grove Elementary School and Austinville Elementary School to help reduce food insecurity in Decatur.


2nd Wednesdays 10-11am

Conference Room

Led by Harriet Holland (256) 353-1028

A group for women focusing on local mission projects with a focus on service and advocacy in our community and around the world.


3rd Wednesdays 1-2pm

Conference Room

Led by Barbara Rawls (256) 603-3472

A group for women focusing on support and advocacy of women and children including education for girls to recognize their potential, aid young single mothers through Young Lives, and more.


Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Conference Room

Led by Kevin Patterson (256) 274-7460

A group for guys to gather around the table, get to know each other, discuss Scripture, and pray together weekly. 


Last Saturdays (time depends on location)

Lunch outing for ladies to enjoy each other’s company and grow from devotion and scripture. Transportation provided. Location will be advertised per month. RSVP monthly to Jill Amey (256) 684-4880